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Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro, P.C. is a New York City based law firm with a unique approach to assisting international clients work and thrive in the United States. Since 2014, we have represented clients in a variety of areas including Employment Immigration, Family Immigration, Waivers, and Naturalization, with a special focus on the intersection of visual and performing arts and immigration law.

At Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro, P.C. every client is extraordinary and your case is prepared with meticulous legal research and skill. We provide innovative, highly personalized, and trustworthy immigration representation with compassionate service so that you never feel stressed, confused, or alone.

Immigration law is technical, complicated, and ever-changing. With the Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro, P.C. in your corner, you can be confident that every available legal avenue will be vigorously pursued and that we will fight to make sure your American Dream comes true.

To learn how you, your family, or your business can benefit from the Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro, P.C. proficiency in immigration law and client oriented legal representation, contact our office for an in-person, telephonic, or online consultation.



Stephanie DiPietro


Stephanie DiPietro exclusively practices immigration law, focusing on Employment Immigration, Family Immigration, Waivers, and Naturalization. She has represented clients before 30 USCIS Field Offices in 20 states. Attorney DiPietro is the former Chair of the New York chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and contributing author on the American Bar Association’s publication “What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Immigration Law.” She is a frequently requested speaker on the subject of immigration law and a juror for the NYU Moot Court’s National Immigration Law Competition (ILC). To learn how she can assist you and your family in immigration matters, contact the Law Office of Stephanie DiPietro for a consultation.



Our Core Values



Uphold the utmost respect, honesty, and ethical standards in all dealings with clients, oppositional parties, and each other.


Personalized and Innovative

The personalized attention we apply to each case helps ensure clients have an innovative solution responsive to constantly changing immigration requirements and tailored to their distinct needs with the goal of achieving their unique American dream.


Responsive and Clear Communication

Attentiveness to client’s needs is our highest priority. We will answer each of your questions clearly and promptly return each of your calls and emails within 1 business day. We will do everything possible to provide you with the timely, effective and compassionate legal assistance you require.


Always Evolving and Learning

We recognize that learning continues throughout our lives and see learning as essential to the competent practice of immigration law.





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