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Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Applications Start October 1stby Stephanie DiPietro

What is the Diversity Immigrant Visa

The Diversity Immigrant Visa is most known as the green card lottery was set up for citizens of those countries that have a comparatively low immigration rate into the United States. The applicants interested in this program must have at least a high school diploma or two years work experience in specialized jobs. These applications will be accepted from October 1st until November 3rd through the DOS’s website. The United States issue approximately 50,000 green cards every year through the Diversity Visa Lottery.


English fluency is not required when applying for a visa through this program. Applicants should make sure to mention all family members, even those who may not have plans to immigrate to the United States. Diversity Visa Lottery results are always announced in the month of May by the United States Department of State.

How Does this Affect Me?

Diversity Visa Lottery winners should consider retaining competent legal counsel to represent them with their applications for adjustment of status in the United States or through consular processing.  The last day to receive a green card or immigrant visa through the Diversity Visa Lottery is September 30th of the calendar year in which you are selected for the lottery.

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