Family Immigration

Whether you are a US citizen petitioning for your spouse, parents, children or siblings, we can help you.  We also apply for green cards for the relatives of permanent residents.  Do not try to fill out the forms without proper guidance.  Talk to us first about family immigration.

You may petition for relatives (or future relatives such as a fiancé(e) or a prospective adopted child) to immigrate to the United States. Your status determines which relatives (or future relatives) may be eligible to receive immigration benefits. In order to help a family member immigrate, you must be a:

U.S. citizen

You (a U.S. citizen) may petition for certain family members to receive either a green card, a fiancee visa or a K-3/K-4 Visa based on your relationship.

Green card holder (permanent resident)

As a green card holder (permanent resident), you may petition for your spouse, children or unmarried sons and daughters to immigrate to the United States as permanent residents.

Refugee or asylee status granted asylum within the past 2 years

If you entered the United States as a refugee within the past 2 years or were granted asylee status within the past 2 years, you may petition for certain family members to obtain derivative refugee or asylee status.

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