New Revisions in Visa Bulletin Speed Up Application Processby Stephanie DiPietro

Summary of Visa Bulletin Update – October 2015

Applicants will now be able to file their green card applications much earlier than normal due to the revisions being made in visa availability contained in the October monthly Visa Bulletin Update issued  by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the United States Department of State. Based on these revisions, the Visa Bulletin will now have a new format with two charts: “Final Action Date” chart that will display when exactly the visas will be issued and the “Filing Date” chart that will give applicants information on the earliest they are eligible to apply for adjustment of status or consular processing.

Before this change, applicants had to wait for their priority date to become current before applying for a green card through adjustment of status or consular processing based upon a family or employment based petition.  Starting in October of 2015, applicants are permitted to file their adjustment of status application or submit their documentation for consular processing using the “Filing Date” chart.

Here is an example to make the above stated rule more clear:

Brothers and Sisters of Adult United States Citizens  (F4 Category), as a class in the October visa bulletin have their “Final Action Date” stated as 8th February 2003, but the same class has a “Filling Date” of 1st February 2004. What this means is that an applicant for an adjustment of status application having a priority date anytime before 1st February 2004, may actually apply in October. The new revisions have made this possible.

Applicants who have adjustment of status applications filed based upon family or employment based petitions will now be allowed to receive their work and travel authorizations earlier than when their priority dates become available.

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