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Appeals Court Upholds Delay Of Obama’s Executive Action On Immigrationby Stephanie DiPietro

The Appeals Court decided to uphold the injunction on Deferred Action for Parental Accountability. Next, a formal appeal will be filed with the Supreme Court. There maybe time for a decision to be issued by the Supreme Court before the 2016 election but it will be close.

Full Article from the HuffPost at the following link.

Change in the direct filing address for USCIS Form I-140 petitionsby Stephanie DiPietro

The USCIS has announced a change in the direct filing address for Form I-140 petitions that are submitted together with Form I-907. If the worksite location is in any of the following states, the address change will be applicable to your application:

The change will go into effect beginning October 19th, 2015. You must file these forms with the Nebraska Service Center at the appropriate address listed below:

Regular Mail:

Premium Processing

USCIS Nebraska Service Center

P.O. Box 87103

Lincoln, NE 68501-7103

Express Delivery:

Premium Processing

USCIS Nebraska Service Center

850 S. Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

You may also track the status of your case with the help of your receipt number or sign up for automatic updates here. For further details on the new direct filing address please check the USCIS website.

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